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Mast Industrial Corporation is a private engineering organization established in 1993. The main area of activity is at present stocking, sales and technical support for Low Voltage Switchgear Products, Factory Automation Components, Instrumentation & Control products.

Temperature Instruments

Pressure Instruments

Flow & Level Instruments

Untitled Pressrue Level Control Transmitter

Temperature Gauges, Infrared thermometer, Temperature Switches, Temperature sensors.

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Pressure Gauges, Pressure Switches, Vacuum Switches, Pressure Transmitter.

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Level Gauge Glass assembly, Float Level switches, Level Transmitters.

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Portable Instruments

Magnetic Contactors

Relays & Timers

mainportable Magneticontactors relays_timers_400

Digital Tachometer, Digital Hygrometer, Tachometer, Anemometer, Sound Level Meter.

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Magnetic Contactors, Reversing Contactors with AC&DC Volts, Contactors Spare Coils & Kit Sets.

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Under & Overload Relays, Thermal Overload Relay, Reverse power Relay, Time Relays.

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